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Finger tip gyro CCC certification GB6675

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The new standard of EN55032 in March 5, 2017 to enforce

The official journal of the European Union (OJ) released by EN55022 (IT equipment), EN55013 (broadcast receivers and associated equipment) and EN55103-1 (audio recording equipment, entertainment equipment control) and replaced by EN55032, and the execution date for 2017.03.05.
Multimedia equipment will be required to meet new EU standards EN 55032:2012/AC:2013, to replace the original old standard for EN 55013:2013, EN 55022:2010, EN 55103-1:2009 and its amendment, and the mandatory implementation date for March 5, 2017, and according to the old version of the standard test report issued by the declaration of conformity after this date will not be valid!
In addition to the old and new versions of differences are as follows:
1, the information technology and integration of both audio and video standard for the same book;
2, to all the input / output interface definitions of terms and definitions;
3, the unified test table of the display mode and requirements;
4, the new / old standard limit value is the same



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