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Fingertip gyro test standard

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The meaning of fingertip gyro

   Finger Spinner aka fingertip gyroscope in foreign countries, is a kind of a bearing symmetrical structure, can the fingers turned over the little toy; from the beginning of 2016 in North America, now has Huobian INS, currently in the market Chinese many manufacturers have to take orders from abroad, the production of fingertip gyro, so at the same time orders will involve to consider the export inspection and certification.

Fingertip gyro testing standards Daquan
European standard
1. physical and mechanical properties of the European toy safety standard EN71-1:2014
2. European toy safety standard combustion performance of EN71-2:2011 A1:2014
3. European toy safety standard EN71-3:2013 A1:2014 migration of certain elements
4.2005/84/EC (51,52 REACH annex XVII) content of two phthalic acid salt
international standard
The 1. international toy safety standard of physical and mechanical properties of ISO8124-1:2009
The 2. international toy safety standard ISO8124-2:2007 flammability
The 3. international toy safety standard ISO8124-3:2010 migration of certain elements
China standard
1. GB6675.1-2014 Chinese toy safety first part of the basic norms
2. GB6675.2-2014 Chinese toy safety second part mechanical and physical properties
3. GB6675.3-2014 China toy safety third part flammability
The chemical properties of 4. GB6675.4-2014 China toy safety fourth
5. GB5296.5-2006 consumer use part fifth: Toys
American Standard
1. American toy safety standard ASTM physical and mechanical properties of F963-16
2. American toy safety standard ASTM F963-16 flammability
3. American toy safety standard ASTM F963-16 heavy metals
The mechanical properties of 4. CPSC federal regulations - Physics
5. CPSC federal regulations - Flammability
6. CPSC federal regulations - heavy metal elements
7.CPSIA the United States Consumer Bill - Total Lead
8.CPSIA United States consumer goods act - phthalate two formic acid ester
9. California act of 65 - Total Lead
10. California act of 65 - two formic acid ester phthalate
Australian Standard
1. Australia / New Zealand toy standard AS/NZS ISO 8124 1:2010 physical and mechanical properties
2. Australia / New Zealand toy standard AS/NZS ISO 8124 2:2009 flammability
The migration of 3. Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO toys 8124 3:2003 - specific element
Canadian standard
1. toy safety regulations SOR/2011-17

2. toy safety regulations SOR/2011-17&SOR/2016-195 - Flammability

3. toy safety regulations SOR/2011-17&SOR/2016-195 - chemical properties - Heavy Metals

4. the regulation of adjacent benzene, SOR/2016-188

5. surface coating materials Ordinance SOR/2016-193;

6. lead consumer products Ordinance SOR/2010-273&SOR/2016-171

Japanese standard

1. Japan Toy Association standard ST 2016 PART1- physical and mechanical properties

2. Japan Toy Association standard ST 2016 PART2- flame retardant performance

3. Japanese toy association standard ST 2016 PART3- chemical properties


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