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2016 Shenzhen 9992019.com Technology Co., Ltd. tourism activities

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                                2016 Shenzhen 9992019.com Technology Co., Ltd. tourism activities

                                               ——The annual spring outing of the 9992019.com international testing and Certification Group

       In order to cultivate staff sentiment, enrich staff life, alleviate work pressure, stimulate staff enthusiasm, strengthen team cohesion and teamwork, the company organized Dongguan "Great Barrier Forest Park Tourism Development Activity" on May 22, 2016.

The "Great Barrier Forest Park" covers a total area of 26.7 square kilometers. It is named "Great Barrier" because the ring mountains and middle and high hills in the park are like a natural barrier. The park has a beautiful ecological environment, with valleys, streams, 100-year-old trees and so on. The concentration of anions is high. Now let's enjoy the fresh air and natural oxygen floating freely. 

The handsome beauty of the company is gathered at the main gate of the company and ready to go. (one person brings only one bottle of water and no snacks). 

The carriage was filled with laughter and laughter, and the relay competition continued, accompanied by joy.

Arrive at the destination first photo, here we release the mood!!  

Moving towards our target site, moving forward. ..

Queue up!!! We sang our team song carefully prepared.

9992019.com members are also versatile, bringing us wonderful performances.

Game: "trust back throw" aims to establish trust relationship between games. At the same time, we should train everyone's psychological quality, overcome their fear and improve their mental quality.

Bring second photos for everyone.

The end of the collective activities, we have prepared a rich lunch for follow me
In Times City group buffet, a full meal, shopping mall stroll after boarding the bus, back to the forest park, free activities began, mountain climbing, fishing, playing cards, photography, into the embrace of nature, enjoy the fresh air, the paradise-like scenery, pressure. No, all kinds of pleasure.

Family silhouette...

For a moment, guess who won.

Department photo taken... You can see which department has the best and the most youthful atmosphere.

Finger seam is very wide, time is too short, happy time is always very fast, will soon embark on the way home, today we "tired and happy", and finally wish the company "prosperous, great show grand plan" to all the treasure measure Da family to work together to create brilliant!!!

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