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EMC Testing

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Disturbance Power Test and Magnetic Emission Test

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Disturbance Power Test and Magnetic Emission Test

Three-ring antenna

loop antenna

Three-ring antenna

 The lighting lamp may produce low frequency magnetic field equipment, need to adopt the provisions of the CISPR16-1-4 loop antenna to measure the magnetic field radiated.EMI-3000 radiated emission test system for lighting equipment magnetic induction current test, mainly composed of ring antenna and EMI receiver module. Three antenna will X direction, Y direction and Z direction of low frequency magnetic field component conversion for RF signals, and the coaxial switch three channels of measurement and transmission to the EMI receiver. The test must be carried out in a shielded room.


Standards:CISPR 15,EN 55015,GB 17743等。

The main technical indicators:

Frequency range:9kHz~30MHz

The ring diameter:2m

The uncertainty of measurement:±1dBTyp

Test system diagram:



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