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Energy Efficiency Testing

EU ERP directive

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Introduction to the 1.ERP directive

In order to improve the energy consumption of the environmental performance of products, control of environmental pollution. The EU officially released in October 31, 2009, the ecological requirements and energy related products directive 2009/125/EC, namely ErP (Enter-realted Products) instruction "ecodesign requirements for energy related products to establish the frame Instruction >, it is EuPhoria (Enter-using Products) (2005/32/EC) of the instruction rewrite the instructions that came into effect on November 10, 2009.


2. rules for implementation

The ErP instruction is not for the product requirements of the directive, but is only a framework directive of EU. In accordance with the relevant provisions of this directive, the further development of eco design requirements for certain types of energy consuming products shall comply with the instructions, called the "rules for the implementation of (Implementing Measures), referred to as the" rules for the implementation of IM. have been promulgated and implemented as follows:


1. home office electronic and electrical equipment to shutdown power ecological design requirements (No 1275/2008) release date is December 2008, the implementation date is January 7, 2010


2. simple set-top box eco design requirements (No 107/2009) release date is February 2009, the implementation date is February 25, 2010


3. non directional household lamp ecological design requirements (No 244/2009) release date is March 2009, the implementation date is September 1, 2009


4. without integrated ballast fluorescent lamp, high intensity gas discharge lamp and its ballast and lamp ecological design requirements (No 245/2009) release date is March 2009, the implementation date is April 13, 2010


5. external power ecological design requirements (No, 278/2009) release date is April 2009, the implementation date is April 27, 2010


6. motor ecological design requirements (No, 640/2009) release date is July 2009, the implementation date is June 16, 2010


7. independent no seal circulator ecological design requirements (No, 641/2009) release date is August 2009, the implementation date is January 1, 2010


8. TV ecological design requirements (No 642/2009) release date is July 2009, the implementation date is January 7, 2010


9., household refrigeration equipment ecological design requirements (No 643/2009) release date is July 2009, the implementation date is July 1, 2010


10. No 1015/2010 (household washing machine) release date is November 2010, the implementation date is December 1, 2011


11. household dishwashers (No 1016/2010) release date is November 2010, the implementation date is December 1, 2011


12. household dryers (No 932/2012) release date is October 2012, the implementation date is November 1, 2013


13., the input power range between 125 W and 500 KW motor driven fan (No 327/2011) release date is April 2011, the implementation date is April 6, 2011


14. directional lamp, LED lamp and related equipment ecological design requirements (No 1194/2012) release date is December 2012, the implementation date is September 1, 2013


3. certified product range

The European Union stipulates that all electronic and electrical products sold in Europe must meet the requirements of ERP test or ERP certification (energy saving requirements associated with European energy consumption)

IT products: switching power supply, linear power supply, power supply, portable solar charger, USB powered lamp, fan, MP3, MP4, network camera, digital recorder, network switches, routers, U disk, USB card reader, optical fiber, optical transceiver, mobile hard disk, LCD, notebook computer and desktop computer machine, computer games, computer learning machine, machine, currency-counting machine, POS machine, printer, scanner, plotter, camera and so on.


Audio and video products: LCD TV, DVD, VCD, combination audio, radio, set top box, electronic musical instruments, multimedia player and so on


Lamps and lanterns products: energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, lighting lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, electronic transformers, fluorescent lamps, rectifiers, dimmer, T4/T5/T8 bracket lights, street lamps, garden lights and other products


Household electrical appliances: electric iron, electric cooker, electric oven, hair dryer, hair straightener, kettle, microwave oven, induction cooker, warm fan, household electric fan, lampblack machine, juicer, toaster, vacuum cleaners, washing machine, water dispenser, refrigerator and other products.


Electric tools: welding machine, AC regulated power supply, VVVF inverter, DC power supply, oscilloscope, multimeter, electronic clock, electronic watch, electronic scales and other products


Wireless products: car amplifier, car audio, car DVD, car monitor, car TV, car charger, car inverter, wireless doorbell, wireless temperature and humidity meter, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless game controller, wireless network card, wireless router, Bluetooth products, wireless remote control transmitter, FM and other products.



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