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EMC Directives

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to the equipment or system to meet the requirements of the ability to run any of the equipment and environment not produce intolerable electromagnetic interference in the electromagnetic environment. Therefore, EMC includes two aspects: one refers to the electromagnetic interference generated in the environment of equipment not in normal operation in the process of more than a certain limit; on the other hand refers to the existence of electromagnetic interference apparatus in the environment with certain degree of immunity, namely electromagnetic sensitivity.


EMC (ElectromagneticCompatibility): the International Electrotechnical Commission Standard IEC definition of electromagnetic compatibility for the system or equipment can work normally in the electromagnetic environment, without causing interference to other systems and equipment.


EMC EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EMS (electromagnetic tolerance) the two part, the so-called EMI electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic noise is the machine itself is not conducive to the other system in the implementation of the function of EMS is the ability to machine; and is not affected by the surrounding electromagnetic environment during the execution of the function in.

Electromagnetic compatibility (Electromagneticcompatibility) electrical or electronic equipment in a variety of common complex electromagnetic environment, the factor of safety and meet the design requirements of the normal working ability. Also known as electromagnetic compatibility. It includes: between electronic systems or equipment in the electromagnetic environment in each other; electronic systems or equipment in the nature of electromagnetic environment in accordance with the requirements of the design work. If extended to the influence of electromagnetic field on the ecological environment, and the electromagnetic compatibility subject called environmental electromagnetism.


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) commonly used terms

EMC: electromagnetic compatibility (Electromagneticcompatibility)

EMI: (Electromagneticinterference) electromagnetic interference

EMS: (ElectromagneticSusceptibility) electromagnetic sensitivity

RE: (Radiatedemission) radiation harassment (commonly known as: electromagnetic radiation, radiation)

CE: (Conductedemission) conduction disturbance (commonly known as: transmission)

CS: (ConductedSusceptibility) immunity to conducted disturbances

RS: (RadiatedSusceptibility) RF electromagnetic field immunity

ESD: (Electrostaticdischarge) electrostatic discharge

EFT/Burst: (Electricalfasttransientburst) EFT

RFI: (RadioFrequencyInterfernce) radio frequency interference

ISM: (IndustrialScientificMedical) industry, medical science, RF equipment


technical standard

EN 55011 《 ISM (ISM) radio frequency interference device limits and methods of measurement.》   

EN 55014-1   《Household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus of radio interference limits and methods of measurement.》

EN 55015  《Radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment limits and methods of measurement.》

EN 55032  《Electromagnetic compatibility - multimedia equipment emission requirements.》

EN 55020  《Sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment - immunity limits and methods of measurement》

EN 55024  《Information technology equipment - immunity limits and methods of measurement》  

EN 61000-6-1《The general standard of household, commercial radio equipment, light industrial environment immunity limits and methods of measurement》

EN 61000-6-2《Radio equipment standard -- the industrial environment and the immunity limits and methods of measurement》  

EN 61000-6-3  《The general standard of household, commercial value, and methods of measurement of interference of light industry environment limit》 

EN 61000-6-4  《Limits and methods of measurement of interference -- industrial environment standard limit》  

EN 61547  《Electrical lighting and similar equipment radio immunity limits and methods of measurement》

EN 55014-2《Household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus of radio immunity limits and methods of measurement》    

EN 61000-3-2  《The limits for the harmonic current from low-voltage electrical and electronic equipment (single input current is less than or equal to 16A)》

EN 61000-3-3  《The input current is less than 16A low voltage power supply system voltage fluctuation and flicker》   

EN 62040-2  《UPS EMC》


The applicable scope of CE-EMC instruction

Information technology equipment (IT): display, tablet computer, Internet, digital photo frame, e-books, power and so on.

Audio and video equipment (AV): speaker, amplifier, TV, DVD, DVB, radio and so on.

Lighting products: gas discharge lamp, energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, LED lamp, bulb lamp and so on.

Household appliances: electric cooker, water dispenser, refrigerator, mixer, hair straightener, air freshener, electric kettle, hair dryer, electric fan, electric stove, electric household dishwasher, washing machine and electric dehydration machine, dryer, microwave oven, ice machine, ice cream machine system, room air conditioners, dehumidifier, humidifier mobile, and wall or ceiling hanging type indoor electric heater, electric heater, household water storage type electric water heater, household electric cooker, electric household cooking and food processing equipment etc.


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