Tune your Brain

Tune Your Brain—the book offers all the scientific facts, easy-access techniques, and recommended recordings you need to achieve the seven states of mind, body, and mood, improving health and performance with the music you like best.

The Tune Your Brain CD series targets some of the world’s greatest classical music and specialized braintuning techniques to a wide spectrum of daily life applications.

Find out more about the exciting frontier of music-mind-body research with Braintuning Resources, your gateway to the studies on the science behind the power of sound, as referenced in Tune Your Brain and beyond. (Science fair students: Click here!) Or browse the Braintuning Blog, complete with Elizabeth’s’ latest braintuning tips and musical picks, and the Braintuning News Archives, with more mind-body-music ideas.

Bring the power of music to your workplace, health care facility, conference, school, or group with Tune Your Brain® Training, a lecture and consulting program offering sessions and services that apply the braintuning advantage to the needs of your company or group.